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We are a senior community club of organ, keyboard and piano enthusiasts / hobbyists improving musical skills and entertaining the community at large.

We meet on Thursdays mornings in the Armstrong / Florida room at 10:00 AM, and it lasts until 11:00 AM or 11:30 AM based on the length of the lesson.

Our members are organ, keyboard, and piano hobbyists that get together for group music instruction, recitals, music tutoring, and concerts.  Our members also volunteer their time to play music for other community organizations and events.  Our membership has a wide range of music skills from novice to well-seasoned musicians. Novice and beginner musicians are welcomed to join.

You can listen to some of our members play by watching their vidoes.  Click the 'Our Members' link to view them.  Please let Mary know if you want to have a video made of you playing a song.

If you would like a list of our songs, you can view it here.

Well, we made it to 2024 and hope to have some great meetings ahead of us.  Here you can find the information for all of the meetings planned for the month.  Check the Events section. 

Again, if anyone has any ideas for song suggestions that you would like us to put on the schedules, please let Mary Wirsing know.  She needs input to help out with song selections!!

Message from Cassandra Furlong:

Hi Keyboard Players, This site is ALL FREE!!!
CLICK different letters to get different songs... I just happened to save this site on D.... No reason... If you click on the song, it will automatically save in your computer download file.  Songs will sound different and better on your keyboard.  Save songs on a USB Stick and put into your keyboard....

 Find the song (USB file) and change the song to what you want.... Example... Mute melody, Change voice, etc...  After you have the song the way you want it SAVE in Registration Memory so it will be there the next time you want to play.

I also use this site but these songs cost money...  Every song imaginable is on this site...  A little harder to work with, but has just about everything....

Midi Hits website Main thing is to SAVE what you have worked hours to create from a song... You can always change the song better.... SAVE what you have worked hard to create.... Put a name and number on the song you created.... Usually the Bank number is red that song will be located on once you save it... On my keyboard... That is 1-8.....

Good Luck and Have Fun!!!
Cassandra Furlong


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